Maintaining Our Natural Health with Proper Nutrition

Health is a natural condition of every living being, thus the term of “health is natural” is exist in this world. The health condition does not necessarily meant that there are no illness or disease in one physical body, but also it mean a feeling of wellness without being discomfort both in the mind and soul of a living being.

These days, there are so many people who are going through medical treatment for various health problems such as diseases and sickness. As living being getting older, they normally will start getting several health problems that hindrance their daily life such as hypertension or heart disease, or any other illnesses.

Today, there are many people who are starting relying on the medicine too much to keep them being healthy and active in their life. In our society, there are medicines to handle for almost every diseases or illness that attack and jeopardizing our health.

We will take a medicine when we got a headache, blood pressure problem, back pain and so on. Sure the medicine can take the pain and the disease away and restore your health back again. However, the medical world seems did not solve the basic problems that causing the health problems.

It is known that our health is affected directly with the nutrition that we consume. What we eat will influence your health directly. There are many serious illness such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer that can be avoided or reduce its effect if we consume the proper nutrition every day in our life.

We can just imagine all of the money that we can save if we can maintain our health by eating the proper nutrition. We would not need to spend our money to get medicine or medical attention unless we really have to.

Cardio Exercise to Improve Your Hearts and Lung Muscle

Cardiovascular activity or more known as cardio exercise should become one of the important routine in building up your body just like the weight and strength exercise. As much as you train your limb’s muscles, you should train your hearts and lung muscle too.

There are many cardio exercise types that you can choose from. This will help you to pick the right cardio that suit with your condition and the one you like the most. So, here are some of cardio exercises that you can do indoor or outdoor;

Jogging or outdoor running

This is the most basic and easiest cardio exercise that already exists since human civilization begins. It is an excellent way to keep your body in shape and give full cardio training for every part of your body since the entire body will move when you are running. By running you are also will train your body weight distribution, balance and resistance.

Treadmill or indoor running

Just like jogging or outdoor running, treadmill is also an exercise a full body exercise. But, since it is performed indoor, the environment and condition is more stable and comfortable. The rubber conveyor belt is also provides more comfort and support for your feet and joints compare to the outdoors rugged terrain. The impact to your joints will be softer and without pounding-like effect.

Stair climbing (outdoor)

Running up and down long stair back and forward, it is far more intense than just the usual jogging exercise. It requires a lot of stamina and strength to perform it, but the result in building the leg muscles and burning the body fat is also greater than the usual running. Due to its condition, it is considered as high impact exercise where the risk of injuries to your foot and joints are also high.

Stair master

The exercise is performed using a stationary machine that simulates the movement of outdoor stair climbing. But, since the movement is perform in a rotating motion and your leg and feet are always supported by the machine, the exercise can be considered as a low impact exercise. The strength and the stamina that is required for this exercise is also smaller compare to the outdoor stair climber.


It is an outdoor exercise using a bicycle, it is considered as a low impact exercise. The amount of stamina and strength that is needed for this exercise will be depends on the condition of the terrain or route that you will be passing through.

Stationary bike

It is an indoor cycling exercise, but with stable and comfort condition and terrain.


Well, there is nothing much to say about this exercise. The water will provide full body support and resistance at the same time to increase your heart rate and blood circulation. With the support from the water, this exercise is categorized as a low impact exercise.

So, those are some of basic types of cardio exercise that you can do. You can choose the cardio exercise that you like and comfortable with.

Eating Junk Food When You Are On a Trip

Let’s say that you are on a trip, traveling to somewhere far from your state whether it is for work or business trip, vacation or other personal matters. Unfortunately, you do not have enough time to prepare healthy food from your dietary program for the trip.

You are also cannot find a good dining place that can provide some healthy food for you during your trip or at the location where you are staying, and the only option that you can find is some less healthy foods or worse, the junk food.

So, if this situation happens to you during your trip, what should you do? Are you going to eat the junk food despite the nutrition content? Or are you going to hold your hunger and keep the junk food away?

The truth is there will be always the time where you cannot follow your dietary program 90% all the time. And you also will not gain 10lb overnight just because you consume the junk food once.

This is mean that it is alright to eat junk food once a while and you would not damage the entire diet program that you working on. The most important part is you should not consume too much calories that you normally consume everyday with your nutrition plan.

So, you can check the nutrition facts from the food that you will order (if the dining place provide it) and choose the best food that are available such as grilled fish or chicken, salads, etc.

So, the conclusion is; if some times that you get hungry and cannot find the ideal foods that suit to your dietary plan, then it is alright to eat that pizza or burger. The best thing you can do is to get rid of some pieces that is too fatty or sugary to reduce the amount calories that is in the food and make it become more suitable to your nutrition program.

And if you aware that you are going to face this situation every day, then you should start making a plan to overcome this situation and prevent you from getting use in eating the junk food and toss away your dietary program and ruin your health goals that you have been working on for so long.

Just because you want to be strict and discipline yourselves most of the time with the food that you consume, it does not mean that you cannot be a little flexible about it.

Improving Your Mental Health with Positive Thinking

Is the thing that called as positive thinking is really have a good effect to human physical and mental health? Is changing the way we think will really change our health?

Well, according to the research done by the University of Pennsylvania, it is really does. According to the research, people who think in optimistic way of thinking have bigger opportunity to live longer compare to the people who think in the pessimistic way.

Stress and adversity is a part of everybody life that we encounter almost every day. When we are confronted with those conditions, our optimism will be put under a test. While some of us can keep their spirit, confidence and hope high, other people will start to think in a negative way by feeling hopeless and helpless.

The biggest problem that hindrance people from keeping their positive attitude is the stress. A good method to handle this situation is by maintaining the optimistic thinking to overcome the stress and solving the main problem.

Unfortunately, many people cannot do such thing since whenever the stress appears and they start to worry, they begin imagining the worst situation that could happen. Rather than letting their imagine picturing the worst thing, it will be better if they use their imagination to visualize the best thing that could happen.

A cheerful though can help to reduce the illness in one body. It is also reduce the stress, grief and sorrow that you encounter in your life. Continuing living with the negative though such as envy, ill will, suspicion or cynicism will only confine you in the small place that you have made it yourselves. And it will put heavy burden on your mind and overall health.

Why don’t you try to think positively for few days where you see everything in the positive point of view. You will notice that you can confront your day in a better way.