The Pertussis Disease

Pertussis or also known as the whooping cough disease is very contagious. There are over 30 million cases of whooping cough every year. From those numbers, pertussis has taking the life of hundreds of thousand people every year around the world.

Most of victims from this dangerous illness are infants that are still under twelve months of age. From those over 30 million cases of whooping cough, 90% of it are happening in the developing countries.

The pertussis disease becomes widely known since the year of 1578. At first, this dangerous disease can be recognize by it symptom which is mild infection to the respiratory system. Few common signs of the infection are including the runny nose, coughing, and sneezing.

The infection is merely the first stage of the whooping cough disease and it can last up to 2 weeks. After 2 weeks of the first stage, the cough’s characteristic will start to change. In the series of coughing attack, it will be followed by a whooping sound. In many cases, the sufferers will vomit after coughing. If the vomiting continues, the sufferer will experience malnutrition.

The coughing will slowly go away after two month. There are some common complications that goes along with the pertussis illness such as; pulmonary hypertension, pneumonia, secondary bacterial superinfection and encephalitis.

You can get infected by the pertussis disease if you come in contact with the airborne virus that is release by a person that already infected with the whooping cough diseases from the mucous membranes that is released when the infected person is coughing.

To treat the pertussis disease, the doctors often use antibiotics such as clarithromycin, azithromycin and erythromycin. These medication drugs will reduce the infection of the disease.

Immunizations provide a method to prevent the whooping cough disease. The immunizations are given along with the diphtheria and tetanus immunization to children at the age of 2, 4 and 6 month old, and then the immunization for pertussis disease will continue at the age of 15 to 18 months old and four to six years old.

Adults who are infected with the pertussis disease often went without noticed and diagnosed. This is because the pertussis on adults are less severe than the infants.

Preventing The Hepatitis

Hepatitis is an illness that taking on various forms, but the main characteristic is the inflammation of the liver. The disease can be caused by many factors depended on the indicated symptoms and on the prognosis.

Some type of hepatitis cannot be determine since they not showing specific symptoms that become the characteristic of certain hepatitis type and can only be determine after the liver inflammation has been going for a long time until the liver cell is being replaced by connective tissue.

The most common vivid sign for any hepatitis are abdominal pain, enlarge liver, icterus or jaundice and fever. Many acute hepatitis diseases are entering our body through viral infection. Currently there are seven types of hepatitis which is classified from hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, F and to hepatitis G. None of this hepatitis type is a trivial matter. We need to prevent them from infecting ourselves as best as we could.

Hepatitis A is the most common hepatitis type that happens since it cans easily infecting people from orofacial route, especially from our foods and drink. Although this hepatitis type is the easiest type that can infect us, in most cases it will not lead to severe stage.

After we get infected by hepatitis A, our immune system will able to develop the antibodies that will help us to get rid of the hepatitis A from our body and keep on protecting us from the future hepatitis A infection. We will be immune from this disease for the rest of our live. One of the best methods to prevent this disease is using hepatitis A vaccination. So, our immune system will develop the right antibodies against hepatitis A without have to get infected first by the disease.

The other hepatitis type will be harder to deal with and require thorough treatment to cure from the diseases. This is because not everybody will have the ability to develop the antibodies for other types of hepatitis. Therefore, other types of hepatitis infection can lead to chronic stage and even become life threatening illness.

The best method to prevent any hepatitis from infecting us is by maintaining the proper cleanliness or hygiene in our live and vaccinations.

Few Basic Rules When Planning The Strength Training Program

Making a strength training schedule can be quite difficult part for your fitness program. Each and every professional personal trainer might have different reference on how you are going to do it and what should be put in the fitness plan and schedule.

But, there are few basic rules that remain the same that is used in every strength training program. Each of these rules gives the basic foundation that can be used to any strength training program. Understanding the proper method of training with free weight can really improve your health, fitness and strength levels.

Those basic rules are:

You cannot improve the muscle strength by training everyday

You need to have proper rest at least 36 hours after you perform the last strength training. Performing strength training every day can cause muscle fatigue, over training and increase the risk of getting injuries. Our muscles will be improved when we are rest.

You will not be able to spot fat reduce

You cannot simply reduce fat on certain body part by performing specific training on that spot. To reduce fat on certain spot require overall fat reduction to every part of our body. To reduce all of the fat in our body require proper diets and nutrition, routine exercise and proper rest.

You are able to spot certain muscle

Unlike fat, you can improve certain muscle on certain spot by focusing on your strength training on the spot that you want. This is called as hypertrophy which is mean the muscle growth. It is also known as targeted training. This strength training is usually using training machine rather than free weight to isolate certain muscle that is targeted.

Do it regularly and consistently

To produce good result, you must perform the strength training regularly and consistently. You have collected all of those fats and let your muscle untrained for years, so it will not provide results merely in just few weeks. Forget all of the infomercials about fitness machine that promising results in just a month. All of models that using the machine in the infomercials are already train their muscle for years. The best method for a good result for your strength training program must include a lifestyle change. Get rid of the bad habit with the good and healthy habits to maximize your training result.

Change the training routine every 5 weeks

After doing the same training for few weeks, our body will get used to the training and become stronger, so the training result will start to slow down. You need to change the training method, exercise type, level and intensity without changing the training routine and consistency.

The strength training types must be planned according to your goals

Different goals such as, bulking, hypertrophy or reducing your weight will require different type of training method. Understanding your goals will help you to build the right training program that will give the best result for your body.

Train all the major muscle groups in your body

Each and every major muscle groups such as quads, biceps, triceps, calves, shoulder, abs, hamstring, chest and back must be trained at least 1 time per week. This is to keep your body’s proportion. Not training some of the major muscle groups will causing imbalance to your body.

Using these basic rules will help you to understand what kind of training you need to put in your strength training program to make and effective training program that provide good result for your body.

Simple Methods To Overcome The Shift Work Sleep Disorder

Is there any good method to acquire the proper amount of sleep when you are a shift worker? Especially, if you are on a late night shift and must sleep during the day when other people are actively working or doing their daily tasks.

The most important in getting the proper sleep during the day is to overcome the body circadian rhythm or human body clock. In natural state the circadian rhythm will slowing down our body function and makes us sleepy when the dark is coming and increase the body function and makes us awake when the daylight is coming.

Therefore, for night shift workers body system is getting slower when they are supposed to be active and working, and become more active when they are trying to get some sleep during the day.

As the darkness comes the pineal gland in our body will produce and release melatonin which encourages us to get some sleep. Meanwhile during the day, the production of melatonin will slow down. The lack of melatonin in our body will makes us hard to become sleepy and harder to sleep.

So, it will be difficult to night shift worker to sleep during the day, unless their circadian rhythm is fully adapted to their situation and condition. This is what is called as shift work sleep disorder.

Here are some methods that can be used to overcome the shift work sleep disorder and make the body clock become adapted to the situation much quicker;

Use a heavy blinds and dark curtains to prevent the light from entering your bedroom. You can also use a sleep mask to cover your eyes when sleeping to make sure that there are no light that will entering your eyes and disturb your sleep.

Turn of the phone before going to sleep, so your sleep will not get interrupted and use ear plugs to reduce the noise from the environment that can bother your sleep.

Make sure that the rest family members or roommate know that they should not bother your sleep unless it is an emergency.

Try to consume melatonin supplement 30 minutes before sleeping. Consume according to the supplement’s instruction manual.

You can also try to take bright light therapy to adjust the circadian rhythm and melatonin production. Consult to your physician about this therapy.

Do not use alcohol to help you getting sleepy. The alcohol will only bring more harm to your sleeping quality rather than improve it.

Do not rely on the sleeping pills. For temporary measurement it is fine, but it should not use for long usage.

So, try these methods and find out if they are able to improve your sleeping quality. Consult to your doctor to find better solution if these methods are not enough to help you to overcome the shift work sleep disorder.